November 22 to 26, 2021

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Nov 22-26, 2021

Place Banja Luka (to be confirmed)
Date Nov 22-26, 2021
Duration 1 week (Mo-Fri)
Organizer IFAMP (non-profit, based in Vienna/AT) and Banja Luka

Target audience
Medical physicists, physician scientists, medical doctors, biomedical engineers

Building on the 2020 on-line Training School “Radio-/nuclide therapy and imaging” and following participant’s feedback, this course seeks to focus on the multi-disciplinary aspects of theranostics and internal radionuclide therapy.
As such, this summer school will be dedicated to clinical and hands-on aspects of theranostics and radionuclide therapies. In addition, fellows will be enabled to conceptualize and conduct dosimetry calculations in clinical scenarios. We will provide a free, open-access software and expert staff will assist during dedicated hands-on sessions. Ample time will be set aside for clinically-relevant, hands-on exercises using an open access dosimetry software that can be installed on attendees’ laptops.
The school aims at delivering a well-balanced mix of introductory and specialised lectures to provide senior students and early career professionals from relevant medical and technical disciplines (e.g., physicians, medical physicists, radiopharmacists, radiochemists, technologists, and other interested parties) with the necessary knowledge to understand the nature of theranostic procedures, as well as the necessary steps these require for patient selection, preparation, imaging, dosimetry calculations and therapy response assessment. A specific focus is set towards building interactions between the different professions and to raise awareness that a collaborative interdisciplinary approach is key to successful conducting of such procedures. We will arrange also for local visits (or provide a virtual tour pending on the travel situation to/from site) of the Baja Luka Theranostics and Radiopharmacy unit.

This 5-day course will be a mix of presentations, Q&A sessions and hands-on. Faculty will be made of renown international and local experts.

Topics to be covered

  • Clinical nuclear medicine and theranostics
  • Patient dosimetry
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Radionuclides, radiopharmaceuticals and molecular targets
  • Quality control and regulatory aspects
  • Nuclear medicine imaging technologies
  • Radiation and radiobiological effects
  • Clinical case studies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Reproducible science


Our inter-/national faculty comes with deep knowledge in nuclear medicine, imaging and therapies, imaging physics and methodologies, data processing, radiochemistry and -pharmacy, regulatory affairs and sciences. Their lectures will be complemented by visits to local imaging and therapy facilities so as to combine theoretical and practice know-how.

Time table

Mo, Nov-22
Clinical nuclear medicine
Tue, Nov-23
Wed, Nov-24
Imaging and radiation effects
Thu, Nov-25
Dosimetry and exercises
Clinical medical physics
Fri, Nov-26
Welcome and Course Introduction Introduction to radiopharmacy/radiochemistry Introduction to nuclear medicine imaging technology Operations
o Assume max 20 groups of 2 attendees with a laptop
o OpenDose3D,
Basics of AI
Clinical theranostics – A general introduction Origin of radiation | Radionuclides | Identification and production Medical imaging protocols for internal radiation therapy (IRT) planning and therapy monitoring Practical examples medical cases (thyroid, NET, prostate…) Combining IRT and eRT
Nuclear medicine and radionuclide therapy – An introduction Molecular targets in Theranostics | Identification of targeting vectors Dosimetry in internal radionuclide therapy Practical examples of dosimetry and hands-on Reproducible Science
Patient dosimetry in nuclear medicine – An introduction Production of Radiopharmaceuticals | Labelling strategies and Synthesis modules From activity determination to absorbed dose calculation Career Planning IV Summary and closing
Clinical case studies Quality control | GMP | Regulatory aspects | Laws and Monographs
From absorbed dose levels to radiation biology
Career Planning I Bringing a radiopharmaceutical to the market
Visit to Theranostic unit
Career Planning II
Career Planning III


Registration fee is 700 EUR, which includes access to all lectures and on-site tours, and coffee/lunch breaks. A limited number of stipends is available to IFAMP trainees. In case you are interested, please complete the form below and send a copy of your CV together with a letter of motivation to with the headline “2021 Banja Luka Training School”. Please note, IAEA trainees are invited to indicate their interest in this course by completing this form; their participation will be handled by representatives of the IAEA. Thank you.

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