Institute For Applied Medical Physics


Engaging Talents. Sharing knowledge. Helping patients.

Founded in 2020

IFAMP was founded in early 2020. Our members represent various disciplines in medical physics, biomedical engineering and clinical sciences. We are a non-profit organization. Our activities include training events, workshops and symposia, with the main goal to foster networking and the dissemination of knowledge and expertise, in medical physics and other associated healthcare sciences, toward the global improvement of patient care.

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  • International
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Founders and Board

IFAMP was founded by two colleagues and friends with a background in medical imaging and physics. We have worked together since 2013 and together have had a chance to support former IFMP activities.

  • Ivo Rausch, PhD

    Senior post-doctoral researcher at the Medical University of Vienna

  • Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA

    Full Professor of Physics of Medical Imaging at the Medical University of Vienna


Our mission is to disseminate knowledge and expertise in applied medical physics and sciences to aspiring trainees, especially in regions with an unmet demand for high-level and high-quality training of experts and users of advanced medical technologies.


Our vision is that a strong network of users, trainees and experts, brought together on the basic principles of inter-cultural respect and cross-disciplinary benefits, will be key to address the important challenges of today’s healthcare systems and, ultimately, support significant improvements in individual patient care and wellbeing.

Our story

The Institute for Applied Medical Physics (IFAMP) was founded in 2020. We are a non-profit organization for the support of training and education in the field of applied medical physics. More specifically, we seek to engage in the dissemination of expertise and experience in the disciplines of medical physics and adjoined natural sciences for the advancement of medical imaging and therapy as building blocks for a state-of-the-art healthcare system.

The IFAMP was founded on March-10, 2020 by two medical physicists: Ivo Rausch, PhD and Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA. Together with our partners and associates we will share knowledge and skills in the adoption of medical physics concepts for improved patient care. Our association will engage ijn the organization of Training events, meetings and symposia to bring together experts and users of all traits in the domain of applied medical sciences. Thanks to our supporting partners we will support research activities of our members that help find solutions to existing and upcoming challenges to patient care.

IFAMP is a new platform that brings together trainees, aspiring talents in natural and applied sciences and renown experts so as to build a network for the dissemination of knowledge about technologies, methodologies and applications of medical physics for improved patient care. In that role, IFAMP considers itself to engage in the tradition of the IFMP, the Institute for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering (for more information, see www.ifmp.eu) headed by Prof. Yves Lemoigne. The creation of IFMP came through an inspired group of physicists from CERN and two entities (GREISE and PSF) who thought to disseminate their knowledge and technologies in the compound discipline of Medical Physics. Their specific intent was to provide expertise to students from countries in critical need for higher-level training but with a scarcity in ressources.
« Working at CERN and in Archamps Research-Biopark, I have seen that parts of the world are looking for appropriate training in medical physics. In partnership with EFOMP, I created and directed the European School of Medical Physics for 16 years near Geneva. With the best experts in their fields ESMP was able to train 1,100 young physicists from around the world. In the same spirit, the IFMP workshops were created with local universities or hospitals in Eastern Europe to promote not only quality medical physics, but also social relations and mutual understanding between various cultures. “ (Yves Lemoigne, PhD).
By providing structured workshops and trainings, IFMP was able to support bridging the gap of a growing demand for increasingly sophisticated equipment that requires expert involvement from Medical Physicists (such as Computed Tomography (systems, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, accelerators and planning systems for radiotherapy, brachytherapy, etc.) and the shortage of experienced medical physics experts in these countries.

Since 2020, IFMP and IFAMP have joined forces. If you like to engage in this network, if you are willing to share your knowledge and support the growth of medical physics and clinical scientists experts for better patient care in our region, then please join us and become a member or our organization [link to “Membership”], or send us an email [link to email, e.g., office@ifamp.eu].

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