Institute For Applied Medical Physics


IFAMP organizes a variety of public and web-based training events. These promote knowledge and expertise in different fields of medical physics and of applied sciences in various areas related to healthcare. For a detailed list of recent and upcoming events, please see All Courses.

In principle, and also depending on the local or regional training requirements or timeline, the following categories of events are applied:

WEBINARS. A choice of topics will be covered in web-based teaching courses by various international faculty. A list of upcoming webinars is currently in preparation. Access to these webinars is free-of-charge, but attendees are required to register via internet.

WORKSHOPS. . These are on-demand events that bring together a group of people to debate on a specific topic or address a particular challenge, such as for instance a new type of equipment or application. Access to these workshops is free-of-charge for trainees.

SYMPOSIA. We support the organisation and conduct of symposia dedicated to topics in the field of applied medical sciences and clinical applications. Together with the organizers, we can support some of the content and faculty, and limited free access to these symposia can be provided for trainees upon request.

TRAINING SCHOOLS. This event typically runs for a full week and is built around of presentations by renowned experts and local faculty. A structured curriculum is interspersed with hands-on sessions or visits to local departments, with the goal to further expose the trainees to real-life settings for expand their knowledge and experience accordingly. A limited number of stipends is available for trainees upon request and full application.

All IFAMP lectures are held in English.

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