Webinar “Basics of NUK Med: Radioactivity revisited for physicists”

Lutz Freudenberg, Jan-13, 2021

Lutz Freudenberg: “Basics of NUK Med: Radioactivity revisited for physicists”

Jan-13, 2021

Abstract | In nuclear medicine, radioactive tracers are used to visualize and treat metabolic processes within in the body (“in vivo”). Thus, nuclear medicine is applied physiology, which makes it a fascinating medical specialty at the interface between medicine and physics. It has not only important implications for diagnostics, in addition, it enables targeted metabolic therapy of numerous diseases. The development of the clinical subject, which began in the 1950s, is thriving because numerous innovations allow more and more personalized diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The aim of the lecture is to give non-meeical professionals an insight into the medical way of thinking and to use examples to explain how important the interdisciplinary contribution of physics and medicine is to today's patient care.

Lutz Freudenberg

Lutz Freudenberg, MD, MBA, Uni Essen

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